3: Purpose of Life and Religion

Unit 3: Purpose of Life and Religion

  • Activities
  1. Answer these questions: 1.What does the purpose of life have to do with living a spiritual life? 2.What is the role of religion in living a spiritual life?
  2. Reflect on what the purpose of life has to do with living a spiritual life as you read the short selection The Purpose of Life at http://info.bahai.org/article-1-4-0-6.html
  3. From your reading and reflection, write briefly how spirituality and the purpose of life are related using the excerpts from The Purpose of Life.
  4. Read William S. Hatcher’s The Concept of Spirituality , from I. The Nature of Man, 3. The Duality of Human Nature (p. 935) to II.  The Process of Spiritual Growth, 1. Prerequisites for Spiritual Growth (p. 941), to get more and deeper background information for this and the next module.
  5. Read and meditate on selections from the Writings of Baha’u’llah on God, His Manifestations and Man” at http://info.bahai.org/article-1-3-2-12.html

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