Personal Information

  • A Multicultural/Global Autobiographical Sketch
    An edited version of this profile was published in Merryfield, M. (Ed.), Making connections between multicultural and global education: Teacher educators and teacher education programs (pp. 120-21. Washington, D.C.: American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education) under the section “Profiles of Teacher Educators and Teacher Education Programs by Country and Province/State: Rodney H. Clarken, Northern Michigan University, Michigan.”
  • Rats I Have Known  Story of rats I have known in Iowa, Kenya, Tanzania, Detroit, Virgin Islands, China and Marquette, MI. This is an expanded and revised version of a previous story I had here entitled “Living with Rats.”

Stories related to my faith


2 Poems from long ago: Dribbles and What’s Happening Inside

China Stories and Essays

Introduction and Background Information:

Published articles:

  • An American Teacher in China/Three Days in China (revised and expanded 12/96)
    An earlier and shorter version of this story, “Three Days in China,” was published in two parts in the December 1996 and January 1997 issues of China Today. An edited version of this article, “An American Teacher in China,” appeared in Journal of Thought, Winter 1998, volume 33, number 4, pgs 53-83.
    View photos related to this article: Wedding Photos | Classroom Photos
  • May You Live in Interesting Times
    My challenges on first arriving in China. A revised version has been published in US-China Review 21 (1) 1997.
  • Pigs in China
    Compares my experiences with pigs in America and China. A version of this entitled “Pigs: A Chinese-American Cross-Cultural Experience” was published in US-China Review, 21 (2) 21-23.

Most timely and interesting unpublished stories:

Papers Written in Chinese


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