Course Information

Course Information

ED 222: Classroom Management (1 credit)

A study through a variety of techniques of methods to manage behavior in the classroom. A field experience may be involved.

ED 223: Multicultural Education (1 credit)

A study of how multicultural and global perspectives can be reflected in curricular design and planning; instructional design, practice and evaluation; and teachers’ and students’ knowledge, attitudes and behavior. A field experience may be involved.

ED 450: Seminar in Teaching (1 credit)

Corequisite: Concurrent enrollment in student teaching

This course is designed to help the student teacher better understand and apply education principles and theories in full-time classroom teaching experience. It focuses on the roles, responsibilities, issues, and concerns of student teachers such as classroom management, instruction, assessment, multicultural education, human relations, employment, policy, and practices.

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ED 495: Academic Service Learning (2 credits)

This course provides an introduction to and overview of Academic Service-Learning. Students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, implement, and evaluate Academic Service Learning in a classroom setting.

ED 504: Psychology of Education (2 credits)

A comparative study of learning theories. The analysis is made with reference to the practical application of learning theories to the process of instruction.

ED 586: Seminar for Supervision of Student Teaching (1 credit)

A seminar for supervisors of student teaching. Discussion and study of selected problems related to the supervision of student teaching


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