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Developing Human Potential-Selected Baha’i Writings Click on link to open PDF Advertisements

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Understanding Human Nature and Developing Human Potential

Note: I retired as a professor of education in August of 2012 and have left the USA to serve in a voluntary capacity overseas. I do not plan to post any more blogs in the foreseeable future. For those who are interested, … Continue reading

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Educational Standards and Assessment Factors

Note: This blog entry is the last in a series that looked at learning principles and factors from both a scientific (APA Learner-Centered Principles) and religious (Baha’i) perspective. Knowledge is like wings for development or a ladder for the ascent … Continue reading

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Individual Differences Factors

Each person has unique endowments, powers, responsibilities, talents, interests and capabilities based on innate, inherited and acquired characteristics. Inherited characteristics come from our genetic makeup and acquired characteristics come from education as our genetic endowments interacting with the environment. Innate … Continue reading

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Developmental Factors

Developmental factors play and important role in learning. Development is the process of potentiality becoming actuality. The basic human capacities of loving, knowing and willing seek expression in life. At conception, unique genetic potentialities are endowed upon each person. In … Continue reading

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Moral and Spiritual Factors

(Note: I took a hiatus from the blog for three weeks as I was finishing up my work at my university. Thursday was my last day of work, after almost 24 years at NMU and 38 years in education. I … Continue reading

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Social Factors in Learning

Learning is greatly influenced by our interactions with significant others and begins immediately at birth. Our first and most primary relationship is with our parents, especially our mothers, and then with our families. Our interactions with others involve the basic … Continue reading

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