Living a Spiritual Life course based on the Baha’i writings

Spiritual Development

Personal stories related my Baha’i experiences

Rodney H Clarken Autobiographical Story  This is a version of the story that was published in Mind, Heart, & Spirit: Educators Speak, pp.400-406, by Heather Cardin (Baha’i Publishing).

Rod Clarken’s Story on Becoming a Baha’i  My memories from 1968-70 describing the events and processes related to my becoming a Baha’i

Rod’s Career Goals and Path 1980

Rod’s Search for Truth and Becoming a Bahai 1980

Baha’i Courses

Advent of Divine Justice Study Guide by Rod 1973

Baha’u’llah and New Era Study Guide, 1974

Spiritualizing Our Lives 3 Day Institute, 1973

Correspondence Courses


Link to several papers by Dr. Rodney Clarken related to Baha’i

Baha’i Education of Children, 1986 paper

Resources for Baha’i Children’s Classes 1987

PowerPoint Presentations

Dr. Clarken’s PowerPoint Presentations

Reflections on an Interview with a Bahai: a report of an interview a colleague did of me as a Bahai, which gives his interesting insights.

Links to several sites related to Baha’i education and other useful resources:

  • Spiritual Education Lesson Plans –
  • The Knowledge of God designed to help you become more spiritual with several free books on topics such as spiritual, knowledge of scriptures and proofs of the Bahai Faith by Hugh Motlagh.

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