Education at Risk: What Schools Can and Cannot Do and How Popular Reforms Hurt Them

I have just posted the first draft of a second book, Education at Risk: What Schools Can and Cannot Do and How Popular Reforms Hurt Them.

I hope to have it finalized by May 2012. I have broken up my first book into three with parts left over. The first, Truth, Love and Justice: A New Paradigm for Education and Its Reform is also posted. The third book is tentatively titled Education for a New World. I have included the contents of the Education at Risk book below. You may get the book by going to my Books and Papers tab on this website.




Acknowledgements. 5

Introduction. 5

Education Under Attack. 5

How I Came to Write This Book. 5

The Michigan Attack. 6

Like Soldiers Under Attack. 7

Demoralization of Teachers and Education. 8

Ideology and Truth. 9

Some Ideological Attacks on Education. 10

A Nation at Risk to Education at Risk. 12

What Teachers and Schools Can and Cannot Do. 14

Schools and Teachers as Parts of a Larger System.. 14

Teachers as Heroes. 15

Factors That Affect Achievement in School 16

What About the Students. 18

Schools as the Solution to Society’s Problems. 19

Pre-School Variables. 20

The Role of the Family. 21

Economics and Education Reform.. 23

Financing Education. 25

Role of Teachers and Teacher Education in American School Reform.. 27

Myths About Low Academic Standards of Teachers. 27

Teacher Education Standards. 28

National Council on Teacher Quality. 29

Duties of the Teacher. 30

Evaluation of Teachers. 31

Continuing Education for Teachers. 35

Clinical Experience. 35

The Unique Capabilities of Students and Teachers. 36

Evaluating Popular Reform Proposals. 39

Standards for Evaluating Reforms: Three-Way Test. 39

Value-Added Modeling. 40

High Stakes Standardized Tests. 43

Merit Pay. 47

Motivation and Reform.. 51

Accountability and Incentives. 53

Class Size. 55

International Comparisons. 57

Alternative Routes to Teacher and Administrator Certification. 61

Reform of Teacher Certification. 63

Conclusion. 65

Education Reform Perspective. 65

Appendix A:  Letter to the Governor and Legislators of Michigan. 67

References. 69


About rodclarken

Dr. Rodney H Clarken is professor emeritus, School of Education, Northern Michigan University.
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