Note: I have placed the latest revision of my book under “Papers and Book.” Below is my current “Acknowlegdements” to the book.

Many people have helped me over the years. The list is long and I will only touch on a few here. First, I dedicate this book in memory of my mother and father, Ethel M. and John R. Clarken. They gave me the gift of my life and helped set the foundation of my character. They were my first teachers. I honor and respect them. My dad died in 1988 and my mom in the midst of my writing this book: October 25, 2011.

Second, thanks are due to the caring and committed teachers I have had throughout my many years of schooling. They were dedicated and helped me find my way. I have striven to exemplify the virtues they imparted and this book honors the service and sacrifices of teachers everywhere.

Third, I thank those family, friends and community members who have assisted my becoming who I am today.

Fourth, thank you to the many colleagues in education I have worked with over the last 40 years. They have enriched, informed and inspired me.

Fifth, I thank those who have reviewed this book and helped it along in its progress, giving me suggestions for improving it and encouraging me to publish it, including Derek Anderson, Willow Harth, Christina Labij, Bill Huitt, Yan Ciupak and, especially, Frances O’Neill.

Sixth, Gerald Waite edited my work and helped craft it into what you read in its present form. In this process, he has exemplified the virtues of truth, love and justice, the principles discussed in this book.

In addition, many educators and scholars have helped shape and influence the thoughts shared in this book. Finally, I have been working on several of the ideas in this book for many years. Parts of this book have been adapted from previous work, much of it posted on my websites at You may go to these sites to see these and other things I have done, including courses, presentations and webcasts. As with these materials, I have decided to put this book online, making it more freely and readily available to all. In the spirit of truth, love and justice, I hope it will contribute to the strengthening of these values in you, and that you in turn will do the same for others.

It is also important to acknowledge the role the Bahá’í Faith has played in my thinking and my life. The Bahá’í writings have been the primary source for refining my own practice and understanding of truth, love and justice for over four decades. I have found in the Bahá’í teachings the most convincing answers for addressing the needs of our modern world.

In closing, though I have striven to produce a book that exemplifies the ideals of truth, love and justice, I have many faults and limited abilities for which I alone bear blame. I take full responsibilities for any errors, omissions and other weakness or faults you may find in this book. I am not claiming anything I have written here is completely new or original. I suspect most of what I am have to say has been said before, but I hope my effort to share what I believe to be true, loving and just will be a worthwhile contribution to our discussions. When known and appropriate, I have cited the pertinent sources. As this book was published electronically, I am able to incorporate corrections and suggestions for improving it into future revisions. Please send them to I hope future editions will reflect our collaborative effort to enrich the conversation concerning improving education.


About rodclarken

Dr. Rodney H Clarken is professor emeritus, School of Education, Northern Michigan University.
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