Truth, Love and Justice: A New Paradigm for Education and Its Reform, March 1, 2012 DRAFT

Truth, Love and Justice: A New Paradigm for Education and Its Reform, March 1, 2012 DRAFT, Rodney H Clarken ©
I am posting the draft of the book I have been working on this last year. I hope to have it finished by May. I work on editing and revising this book almost everyday, unless I am working on some related project or paper. I am posting the latest draft here on my website for anyone who would like to look at it now. I would greatly appreciated any suggestions you might have for improving it, whether it is a simple grammatical point or a major revision of the book’s content and structure. I will acknowledge those who have contributed in some substantive way to its betterment.
I hope to put up revised versions every two weeks until the book is finalized, when I will make it freely available online at this site. Note that the book is under construction. Where ever you see double spaces or differing fonts are places I am working on. I have also put some construction material at the end that I may incorporate in the book, but have not had the time to do so or have not decided if and where they fit. There may also be places where I have put a word or sentence as a reminder to consider trying to work in that idea in the future.
I hope you enjoy and find helpful what is there so far. 

About rodclarken

Dr. Rodney H Clarken is professor emeritus, School of Education, Northern Michigan University.
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