Developing Human Resources

Human resource development can be explained and understood as the interaction and realization of these natures operating through the three basic faculties of mind, heart and will that possess the thinking, feeling and acting powers or capacities for developing human potential. When our thinking capacity is directed toward knowing ultimate truth, our feeling toward valuing altruistic love and our doing toward choosing justice, we flourish. As we build unity in the diversity of expressions of truth, love and justice, through grass-roots efforts and the involvement of all parties, we increase our capacity to inform and transform our communities and institutions. Using and encouraging the assets of all parties is the key to effective human resource development and actualizing human potential.

In developing human resources, the earliest years are the most important, beginning with prenatal development. Good nutrition and health form the foundation of later development. Later, training and forming the character and capacities of mind, heart and will are added. Education in intellectual, emotional and spiritual endeavors to prepare for the advancing demands of life follows, with special attention to each person’s abilities, talents and inclinations. Eventually we should take on the responsibility of our own and other’s development.

Thinking, feeling and willing are directly related to the cognitive, affective and conative domains that must be properly nurtured, developed and harmonized for individual, community and institutional health and well-being. These cognitive, affective and conative faculties are the dynamic focal points for effective interactions with our environments, and are key aspects of learning and development actualized in pursuing the spiritual principles of truth, love and justice. Our growing consciousness or awareness of these potentialities and principles allows us to develop our practice of realizing life-enriching authentic, valid knowledge, altruistic, sincere love and autonomous, virtuous will. To be effective, human resource development must practice and be based upon truth and authenticity, love and altruism and justice and autonomy.

Truth, love and justice relate to the Greek ideals of truth, beauty and good and their expressions and manifestations in science, arts and morals. Each develops an individual and collective ability, skill, or capacity. Figure 1 illustrates these concepts and their relationship.

To see Figure 1. Mind, heart and will correlates, go to the Developing Human Resources paper in the Papers section.


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Dr. Rodney H Clarken is professor emeritus, School of Education, Northern Michigan University.
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