Developing Human Resources through Actualizing Human Potential

I will be sharing parts of a paper that was presented at and published in the proceedings of the 10th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI, January 5-8, 2012. Parts of this paper have been adapted from my forthcoming book, Truth, Love and Justice: A New Paradigm for Education and Its Reform. You may request a free electronic draft of the book by writing me at You may also read the entire paper in the “Educational Papers” section of this website.


The key to human resource development is in actualizing individual and collective thinking, feeling and choosing potentials related to our minds, hearts and wills. All three are important to individual, community and institutional development, health and well-being. A brief description of these competencies will be given and their importance for human resource development explained. I propose truth, love and justice as the guiding principles for human resource development and actualizing potential.

People involved in developing human resources, whether as professionals or as leaders, often waste tremendous energy, as well as social, political and economic resources, on helping others be more productive in beliefs and practices that are not only ineffective, but counterproductive. As a teacher, counselor and administrator since 1972, I have been actively involved in human resource development through actualizing human potential. Whether in helping children and youth develop their capacities or working with adults to help them realize their potentials so they can effectively contribute to their own and others’ welfare and prosperity, I have sought to enable others to become the most they could be. I have also been involved in developing human potential and resource through my study of and involvement in the Bahá’í Faith.

My learning about human development has included academic study and experience in several different contexts and countries. As I learned more about development, I tried to be more systematic and thoughtful in my approaches. In that process, I have tried to identify the key capacities and principles of development. Below, I will briefly share some of what I have come to believe is true in the hope it may be of some assistance to the reader and of service to humanity. It is my belief that this knowledge will help others to achieve their potential and promote the welfare of the world more effectively.


About rodclarken

Dr. Rodney H Clarken is professor emeritus, School of Education, Northern Michigan University.
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