Educational Reform: Introduction

Every person deserves a good education. It is a basic human right that should be extended to every person on earth. To accomplish this needed requirement for the advancement of the best interests of the world, education does need to reform. Many of the reform efforts being proposed by the politicians, pundits and philanthropist are misaligned in both approach and content and are not supported by the evidence from research studies or from scholars in the field (Baker, Barton, Darling-Hammond, Haertel, Ladd, Linn, Ravitch, Rothstein, Shavelson, & Shepard, 2010).

Education reform is an extremely complex process. Education is connected to every individual, community and institution in this country. Education influences them, and they influence education. Education itself has its individual, community and institutional aspects. Without some reform in all these external environmental factors, education is limited in its ability to reform itself. Educational institutions, educational communities and individual educators deal with the problems that beset them individually and collectively on a daily basis.

Can schools, teachers, and teacher educators do better? They must. As conditions, circumstances and needs change, education needs to adjust to meet these new challenges. If time honored traditions, approaches and policies no longer work, they must changed or discarded. This challenge is facing every person, community and institution in the world, as we are engaged in a time or rapid and dramatic change.

What changes are called for and how can they be best accomplished? What is the problem with education?  What are the pertinent facts related to needed educational reforms? What are some reasonable solutions? How can we begin to address these problems in a systematic, sustained and constructive way? How do we explain the differences of opinion about what should be done? I will explore some possible answers to these questions in this blog.


About rodclarken

Dr. Rodney H Clarken is professor emeritus, School of Education, Northern Michigan University.
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