Introducing the Blog and the Living a Spiritual Life course


Welcome to my first blog posting. I am trying it out as a vehicle for serving humanity. I am an educator by profession, having professionally started 1971-1972 as an intern counselor in the White Earth Indian Reservation project, and in 1973 as part of the Wisconsin Indian Teacher Corps.

I am starting this blog as part of my experimenting with new approaches in education. I think the new technologies offer much promise and I hope I can use them to improve education throughout the world. The area of education that I feel is the most neglected and the most needed is what might be called moral or spiritual education. How do we educated the inner essence of who we are, of what is good, true and noble in human beings?

I have been trying to do this for the almost four decades I have been in education. Because of the nature of modern education, most of those efforts have been indirect and within the constraints and expectations set by institution of learning.

My current effort is in the form of an online course called the Living a Spiritual Life. I will be trying to use various technologies to help introduce the topics I will cover. I am hoping to refine this course so it can be more useful and effective. You can help me by improving it.

I have put all of the course material on this website, Clarken Chronicles, under the heading “Spiritual Development”. If you hover over “Spiritual Development” some heading will drop down for your selection. It is in development, so will be changing in the next few weeks. This blog will initially be dedicated to the topic of living a spiritual life where you can also share your insights, thoughts, reflections and questions. I want to try to have group online chats and other ways of interacting. If you have ideas or suggestions, please share. The effectiveness of this course will depend on how much you put into it.

I am only going to be able to be active interacting on the weekends and evenings as I work during the week, so do not expect a response from me immediately. Depending on this works, I may develop other topics.

Look forward to learning with you.

Rod Clarken


About rodclarken

Dr. Rodney H Clarken is professor emeritus, School of Education, Northern Michigan University.
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One Response to Introducing the Blog and the Living a Spiritual Life course

  1. I often ask myself what it is that truly matters and how to transfer this to teaching; i.e. how to get kids thinking below the surface. Wonderful that you have a course dedicated to the development of the spiritual life – a worthy endeavor regardless of Belief.

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